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E-Learning App which allows students to avail course material from various categories. Not only the course material they can watch video chapters from the various category, learning cart, wallets, referral feature are some of the features which make this APP pretty useful for students


Technology Stack: MEAN, IONIC 1 with Cordova, PayUbiz, Angular Material with Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, REST API, AWS


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It’s a platform from where the user can avail the discount from multiple stores, hotels, restaurants etc. A strong backend ADMIN panel for managing various features and activity of the APP!

Technology Stack: MEAN, IONIC 2 with Cordova, Material Design with Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, REST API, AWS


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An APP builds on the HYBRID platform with an active user base of 7.5k. It’s an all time KIOSK in pocket which allows the job seekers to fill various public & private area job forms empowered with strong ADMIN & KIOSK Manager area this app has a wallet, notification, custom control, filter, referral code etc

Technology Stack: MEAN, IONIC 2 with Cordova, PayUbiz & PayTm, Material Design with Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, TextLocal, OneSignal, REST API, AWS



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WeightWonder is a safe, natural & innovative programme to lose weight and stay healthy. This programme doesn’t only help you get rid of Obesity but also refreshes your system and keeps you away from problems like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure,Increased Cholesterol and various Heart Diseases.WeightWonder Has a unique method for weight loss and it is 100% effective.




A hassle free Accounting APP which enables to manage the bookkeeping in simplest way for personal & small/mid level organization with capabilities like transaction/double entry etc

Technology Stack: MEAN STACK, Materialise & Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, REST API, Ionic 1, Cordova, AWS

Medicloud 365

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A comprehensive medical platform which has the features like Body Symptom Checker, Medical Apps, Medical Cart, Payment Gateway, Medical Record Management, Doctor / Laboratory / Hospital Management, Appointment calendar etc

Technology Stack: MEAN STACK, Materialise & Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, InstaMojo, TextLocal, OneSignal, Periodic Notification, REST API, Responsive


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A custom built ERP system for ISP provider with the features like impersonation, location base configuration, reporting tool, custom page builder, strong user mgmt etc

Technology Stack: Laravel, MySql, D3.js, Angular 1, Responsive, AWS, Custom Metronic Bootstrap Theme


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Skilskool is a digital platform for students, where he/she can buy complete tutorial of different courses at low price.

Students can watch free & paid videos , chat with experts and take part in quizes.


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Spectrum is an educational institute website.

Spectrum has been devoted to sculpt students as forntrunners for various competitive exams by inducing better understanding of the core concepts and there applications in them, there by gearing them up for the arduous challenges in the world outside.

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