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A comprehensive medical platform which has the features like Body Symptom Checker, Medical Apps, Medical Cart, Payment Gateway, Medical Record Management, Doctor / Laboratory / Hospital Management, Appointment calendar etc

Technology Stack: MEAN STACK, Materialise & Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, InstaMojo, TextLocal, OneSignal, Periodic Notification, REST API, Responsive


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A custom built ERP system for ISP provider with the features like impersonation, location base configuration, reporting tool, custom page builder, strong user mgmt etc

Technology Stack: Laravel, MySql, D3.js, Angular 1, Responsive, AWS, Custom Metronic Bootstrap Theme


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Skilskool is a digital platform for students, where he/she can buy complete tutorial of different courses at low price.

Students can watch free & paid videos , chat with experts and take part in quizes.


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Spectrum is an educational institute website.

Spectrum has been devoted to sculpt students as forntrunners for various competitive exams by inducing better understanding of the core concepts and there applications in them, there by gearing them up for the arduous challenges in the world outside.


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A responsive web platform to compare the products price/reviews/services from multiple e-commerce platforms. Responsive web structure with multiple comparison options. coupon code, post article etc

Technology Stack: MEAN STACK, Materialise & Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, REST API, Crawler


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It’s a SaaS application for Lawyers/Law Firms. It enables to manage different Law Firms & there employee with the features like appointment date, cash flow management, case data management, Split payment etc

Technology Stack: MEAN STACK, Materialise & Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, Braintree, REST API, AWS




This is a platform where doctor and patient connect with each other.

A patient can take an appointment with any doctor and he/she can upload all the relevant medical
records, such as blood tests, pathology reports, EKG, or ECG. A doctor can schedule and reschedule
an appointment with the patient.


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Mathsbysuhag are best IIT-JEE institute in Bhopal. We at ‘Maths By Suhag’ are committed to provide our students best quality education with ethics. Moving in this direction, we have decided that unlike other expensive and 5star facility type institutes who are huge investors and advertisers, we shall not invest huge amount of money in advertisements. It shall rather be invested on the betterment, enhancement of quality and resources at our center.

Mathsbysuhag are just looking forward to have ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity instead. Because, there is only a satisfied student and his/her parents can judge an institute’s quality and it’s faculty members coaching.

Those coaching institutes, who are investing highly on advertisements are actually, wasting their money on it, in a sense. Rather, the money should be invested on highly experienced faculty members and on teaching gears.


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Webezo provides simple, affordable and effective call tracking solutions for businesses that want their marketing dollars to go that extra mile.

We provide call tracking solutions that are priced very competitively in the market and provide reporting that help our customers measure effectiveness of their advertising channels, their sales people and also get better information on their customer demographics.

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An online radio driven by some music loving and music understanding codes in backend which progressively gets to know your flavour of music. More you play better you listen.


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