Medicloud 365

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A comprehensive medical platform which has the features like Body Symptom Checker, Medical Apps, Medical Cart, Payment Gateway, Medical Record Management, Doctor / Laboratory / Hospital Management, Appointment calendar etc

Technology Stack: MEAN STACK, Materialise & Angular.js, IBM StrongLoop, InstaMojo, TextLocal, OneSignal, Periodic Notification, REST API, Responsive


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A custom built ERP system for ISP provider with the features like impersonation, location base configuration, reporting tool, custom page builder, strong user mgmt etc

Technology Stack: Laravel, MySql, D3.js, Angular 1, Responsive, AWS, Custom Metronic Bootstrap Theme




This is a platform where doctor and patient connect with each other.

A patient can take an appointment with any doctor and he/she can upload all the relevant medical
records, such as blood tests, pathology reports, EKG, or ECG. A doctor can schedule and reschedule
an appointment with the patient.


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Mathsbysuhag are best IIT-JEE institute in Bhopal. We at ‘Maths By Suhag’ are committed to provide our students best quality education with ethics. Moving in this direction, we have decided that unlike other expensive and 5star facility type institutes who are huge investors and advertisers, we shall not invest huge amount of money in advertisements. It shall rather be invested on the betterment, enhancement of quality and resources at our center.

Mathsbysuhag are just looking forward to have ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity instead. Because, there is only a satisfied student and his/her parents can judge an institute’s quality and it’s faculty members coaching.

Those coaching institutes, who are investing highly on advertisements are actually, wasting their money on it, in a sense. Rather, the money should be invested on highly experienced faculty members and on teaching gears.


FeedMingle is a nifty service that allows you to merge multiple RSS / Atom feeds into a single one. To do so, you simply need to add your feeds to the designated textarea, one per line, then add a title to identify your mixed feed, and hit the “Mingle Now” button. The result is a mixed feed that you can you use to read all your mixed feeds in one place or even use it in JSON conversions or in a widget that you can add to your own site. The uses are many, as an example it can be very helpful to post to your Twitter account multiple feeds at once.



This site is for accounting purpose. User come and get register with respect to company.

After signup able to manage transaction by managing accounts for transaction, manage tags for each transaction, user can add more user who can have access of same company transactions. User can also manage transaction by quick add, upload and download xml of transactions,



Sellers upload your products here and get them shown on all other shopping portals and vice versa. A cross-platform multi-vending shopping solution.

This is an online shopping website, on which different vendor will register and sell their product on SHOPPER SQR, eBay and amazon simultaneously.The Vendor will have their own page where a buyer can see the rating of a vendor, related products of vendor and also comment on vendor profile.The Purpose of this project is also to create its own API via which can be integrate with other platforms as well.


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A social network for photographers.

This site is social networking site for professional photographers. Photographers can create profile in simple steps and can upload photos for rating and comments by other professional photographers, participate in competition on different theme, and participate in forums and discuss different things related to photography. Most important feature of this website is “microsite” photographers can create their own small website using this portal.


Palmistry, Hand reading app, Palm astrology


An amazingly intelligent algorithm capable of capturing image of a hand then recognizing its dimensions and lines on the palm and then predicting the fortunes based on it in real time.


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Neither a portal nor an application. Only one of its kind, It is a new pedagogy for your child and students, a truly concept based study mentor.

Your self study mentor who provides concept based notes and videos for all subject and achieve badges like gaming, when completed test and practices.