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Team Eulogik is full of self-motivated and fast learning people. We learn, unlearn and relearn daily playing with design, strategies and technologies.

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About Eulogik

Eulogik supports & works on the future defining technologies that keep on growing. We at Eulogik are always willing to keep ourselves updated with the changing technologies, and with fast pace, always ahead of others. Our agility, fastness in acquiring greater & newer skills and passion to follow out every innovative idea may make people envious.

We believe in Innovations & Inventions. Armed with open minded people, team Eulogik exploits Open Source Technologies and also provides services in Non Open source ones as per the demand of the client

Eulogik supports all the ideas to be driven with Open source Technology. The reason, why open source is here to stay forever is, even few too-good people won’t sum-up to be better than a huge number of not-so-good people. Also, self inspired and interest driven communities are there to inspect, criticize and improve the application.

Core focus areas of Eulogik are new edge web & mobile applications. We are working with the latest technologies in the world of Web & Mobile. We focus on creating rich applications for a range of customers. We love technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Laravel, Javascript, Ajax, Web Services, JSON, PHP-MySQL, Bootstrap, Material Design frameworks, Ionic framework, Apache Cordova and many more.

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